skylight Basics

A skylight is a window in your roof that allows natural daylight and moonlight into your room to brighten up your home. They come in different varieties, all of which make your space brighter, more open, and increase your home's value.

Extremely energy-efficient skylights comprised of glass encased in an aluminum frame.  Glass skylights allow you to look up at the sky without distortion and provide a clean minimalist aesthetic. Available in fixed and opening varieties. Sunlight pours through this kind of sky light, and is the most popular choice among homeowners.

Glass Skylights

A curved acrylic plastic bubble.  Dome skylights are less energy efficient than glass due to their material properties and are best suited for spaces where heat insulation isn't a factor. Choose from clear, frosted, or tinted lenses. They're also available with a single or double layer of acrylic.

Dome Skylights

Reflective columns that channel sunlight from the roof, through the attic, and into the home.  Solar tubes provide less light than other options but are a preferred choice for smaller rooms, hallways, closets, or anywhere else where traditional skylights won't reach.

Solar Tubes


Replacing existing dome skylights with updated glass skylights is a growing trend among Southern Californians, from Santa Monica to Malibu, and all of Los Angeles. The new era of skylight designs offer various size options, shapes, tints, and finishes, all manufactured with stronger, lighter materials engineered to fit the individual needs of your home. 

skylight STYLES

Curb-mounted skylights are fastened onto a curb, a wooden frame affixed to the roof deck. The curb is equipped with a waterproof seal comprised of paper, underlayment, and flashing.

Curb Mounted

Deck mounted skylights are low-profile designs installed directly to the roof deck for an inconspicuous, smooth aesthetic. Like, curb-mountd skylights, they are weatherproofed with paper, underlayment, and step flashing.  Consider deck mounts if the skylight is visible from the street. Note that this option is more expensive to install and repair.

Deck Mounted

Skylight come in either fixed (non-moving) or venting (opens and closes).  Venting skylights allow air to circulate to help regulate the indoor temperature. Venting skylights are available in manual and electric models. Manual styles are operated with a exension pole, while electric venting skylights open and close by remote control, and are solar-powered. A water sensor feature automatically shits the sky light when left open during rain.

Venting Skylights

During our initial consultation, we will take precise measurements of your existing skylights. Dimensions are taken from the outside of the existing curb, including existing roofing material, weatherproofing, etc. that is already present on the curb. Dimensions are taken as width (along the horizontal axis of the roof)  and height (along the roof's vertical axis).

Standard skylight sizes are available for purchase immediately in retail stores. If a skylight is otherwise unavailable, there is a 1-2 week lead time.  


Standard sizes include:


2' x 2'              2' x 3'              2' 6" x 2' 6"

2'6" x 4'          4' x 4'              4' x 8'

Non-standard and custom skylight sizes are common on older roofs and unique architecture. However, our manufacturers can fabricate any size skylight to fit the existing dimensions of your original installation. The lead time for a custom sized skylight is typically anywhere between 2-4 weeks but range to 8 weeks for specialty units. Hollywood Skylights works with oversized and custom skylights such as hip-ridge skylights, pyramid designs, lean-to's, and large glass skylights to buildings across Los Angeles County and beyond.  Check some of our custom projects on Instagram.


Velux USA

Velux manufactures the top skylight brand in the world.  They offer a full line of skylights and skylight accessories.


Lane Aire produces great flat glass and dome skylights as well as custom skylights such as round or pyramid shaped.

Energy Star

Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.  They help assist everyone in saving money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.