Invite natural light into every room in your Los Angeles County home with the world's most energy efficient home upgrade. New skylights add value to your home, open up your space, and shine a light on what matters most without adding to your electricity bill.  Set up a consultation with Hollywood Skylights today for a free estimate and learn about which skylight options are right for you.

New Skylight Installations

Our professional skylight technicians will assess your home or workspace to determine the ideal placement of a new skylight. We work with you to plan your project in the perfect place, taking into consideration roof slope, architecture, temperature, type of ceiling, and more. 


Every structure is different. The size and function of your room affect the cost of the new skylight installation. We'll work you to provide fair estimates and appropriate options that work for your budget and skylight needs.


Choose from a variety of stunning skylight options, including flat glass, deck or curb mounted Velux skylights, acrylic dome bubbles with a range of tints and finishes, or solar tube skylights that channel the sun's rays through an attic.


Skylights improve the aesthetics of your space, raise your home's property value, and reduce energy costs, but did you know they can also affect your health?  Natural light from the sun is a rich source of Vitamin D. Increased exposure to sunlight has been scientifically proven to improve focus, concentration, sleeping habits, immunity, anxiety, and mood when compared to artificial light. Give us a call at Hollywood Skylights for your health!