Don't let a broken skylight rain on your parade. An old, cracked, leaky skylight can spell disaster for your roof, your walls, and your ceiling.  Let us patch your dome, replace your flashing, or install a brand new replacement skylight before the elements creep into your home and do even more damage.  Hollywood Skylights offers emergency repairs and replacements to your leaking Los Angeles skylight to keep the weather outside where it belongs.


Skylight Repairs & Replacements


In certain situations, a leaking skylight can be repaired. A few glass varieties can be re-glazed, fresh gaskets can be installed to prevent dust and dirt from penetrating the seal, and roofing material can be reinforced. However, in many instances, a leaky skylight must be replaced. Once cracks form, the unit is unsalvagable must be swapped out for a new one. Leaks from eroded mounting-curbs and sky lights over 20 years old almost always need replacing. Stop the leak before it's too late!


A) The sky light is letting in too much heat

B) The lens is cracked or damaged

C) Dirt and outside contaminants are getting inside

D) Water is seeping in and wrecking the drywall

E) The unit is just plain old and ugly



Step 1 is to figure out where the water is coming from. It can be a leak within the roof adjoining to the skylight, through a crack within the glass or acrylic dome, or an old flashing system that has eroded over time and failed. Broken seals can potentially be repaired, but cracks in the lens mean replacement. Once water has entered through compromised material and has soaked into the roof deck, it will inevitably decay the plywood and begin to ruin the drywall inside your home. Catching a leaking skylight within the early stages can spare you thousands of dollars in home repairs.​